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We are a lawn greeting business for all your special occasions,  located in the Memphis, Tennessee area and northeast Shelby County. Flamingo Brad is in the business of creating smiles. Use our services to enhance and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, marriage announcements, graduations, retirements, new home, job promotions, homecomings, holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or any other event.

We have a variety of lawn greeting props including flamingoes, pigs, penguins, hearts, and crows with optional tombstones.   We secretly set up the display the night before the celebration with your personal message on a marquee. Just think how surprised and delighted the recipient will be to see the yard the next morning!

The props are usually delivered and set up after 9:00pm and picked up around dusk the following day.

• NEW •  You can now rent storks for announcements of the birth of baby girls and boys.  See our New Baby Storks - Baby Announcements Page!

Talk to us and we will help you decide the best way to compose your message. Compare and you will appreciate our friendly service and reasonable rates.



Welcome to Flamingo Brad and Friends - Now with storks!